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Acrylic Light Up Cups, Glow In The Dark Party Supplies, Colorful LED Glowing Cup for Wine, Birthday, Christmas, Disco

Introducing our LED Light-Up Cups, the perfect addition to any party or celebration. These cups are designed to glow in the dark, creating a vibrant and colorful atmosphere that will instantly elevate your event. With their playful and eye-catching pineapple shape, these cups are sure to be a hit at birthday parties, Christmas gatherings, discos, and more.

The LED lights within the cups provide a mesmerizing and dynamic lighting effect, adding an element of excitement and fun to your festivities. Whether you're sipping on a beverage or using the cups as a decorative piece, they will surely be a talking point among your guests.

Our LED Light-Up Cups are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and safety throughout your event. The cups are easy to use, simply press the button and watch as they illuminate in a rainbow of colors. Choose from multiple lighting modes to suit the mood and ambiance of your gathering.

With their unique design and captivating illumination, our LED Light-Up Cups are a fantastic choice for parties, birthdays, Christmas celebrations, and disco nights. So, drink, dance, and enjoy the magic of these colorful glowing cups, turning any occasion into a memorable and vibrant experience.
User Manuel:
     * Inductive Light
     * Light comes on when the cup is filled with liquid (water, soda, alcohol...etc)
     * Flickering Theme changes automatically
     * Light turns off when there is no liquid  in the cup
    * Clean with water
Battery Changing instructions: 
     * Batteries are located on the bottom of the cup
     * Use a screwdriver to open the lid (turn to the left)
     * Replace with CR-2025 Battery
     * Replace lid and turn right to lock it in place.